I'm a survivor of - WAS -Re: Cancer
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Oldus Fartus
2013-03-03 05:50:50 UTC
I'd like to say I'm a hyperemesis survivor! I ALMOST DIED! I also
survived many other things in my life... I could make a list of
ALLLLLLLLLLL the stuff I've survived and I expect *sympathy*!!!
Oh bullshit. You had severe morning sickness, no more, no less. It is
all part of your usual making everything about you.
OH .. but the doctors told my husband I was going to die... he should
prepare for that to happen. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks. I'm a
It's true! What I went through is equivalent to suffering through
cancer, and I survived, but I moved on! ;-)
You had morning sickness. Cut the bullshit woman.
Oldus Fartus
Oldus Fartus
2013-03-04 10:03:22 UTC
FWIW, OF, Jenn told me of her brush with death during a Skype video
conversation around three years ago - might even have been even longer
ago than that. I didn't recall exactly what the problem was though.
Of course you don't recall what the problem was - she hadn't decided at
that stage.
I've no idea why you are so bitter towards Jenn. Did your own wife die
from cancer or was it from something else?
Keep fishing.
Oldus Fartus
Oldus Fartus
2013-03-07 02:51:59 UTC
NO! Linda claims the entire discussion was for my benefit.. I said it
was NOT.
No, SN made a statement, I didn't see 'Linda' post anything.
YOU got it backwards.
You are an idiot Jenn. Here is a novel thought, if you don't want
anyone else to post in a thread in which you are taking part, then don't
post in that thread, or avoid Usenet.

Now stamp your little foot and hold your breath until you turn blue in
the face, that will teach everyone!
Oldus Fartus